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"The Company continues to build the underlying main foundation for the sustainability of the Company's business. We build ethical business values and pay close attention to social and environmental impacts."

the Company has prepared several strategies to maintain its environmental and social sustainability commitments, including:
  1. Infrastructure construction to facilitate the community’s daily activities. Improvement of a number of existing infrastructure will be continued to maintain a quality community life;

  2. In the health and environmental sanitation field, the Company continues to provide education counseling on the importance of a healthy life and healthy way of life. The Company plans to conduct several healthy living activities, such as periodic free immunization, community sports programs, as well as the provision and improvement of health facilities; and

  3. The community’s economy strengthening programs will be directed at efforts to increase the community’s potential and skills. In cooperation with the local Government, the Company seeks to create Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) so that the community’s abilities can be channeled appropriately. In maintaining good relations with the surrounding community, the Company prioritizes community relations-based programs, such as providing support for social, cultural, tradition, religious activities as well as the celebration of national holidays carried out by the community.