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" The Company utilizes the area of land it owns and continues to increase its productivity, supported by reliable and competent human resources. This strategy is able to improve efficiency in all business processes, as well as maximize the Company’s profitability in the midst of an unfavourable business climate in 2020."


To become the best-managed plantation company, measured in yield, cost, and best practice

To create long-term shareholders and stakeholders values :

  • Our management consists of the best professionals in the industry
  • We also focus on our employee welfare.
  • In running the labor-intensive palm plantation business, we are fully committed to provide employment opportunity as wide as possible, and bring welfare to the surrounding community of our plantations


  • Integrity: We honor honesty value in doing the business
  • Hard Work: We value professionalism and provide opportunity to employees to grow in a meritocracy system
  • Cooperation: We develop solid teamwork in managing our palm plantations productively; we also develop a strong partnership with all of our stakeholders, particularly with the surrounding community of our plantations to improve welfare together.